Message from Managing Director


We are all born with unlimited potential but in the process of achieving our ultimate success with our potential alone are not enough. Instead the availability of our opportunities and our persistent commitment are of paramount important. We realized that the uncommon freedom and financial stability are the basic need of perpetual happiness in the life of all human beings. We strongly believed that all human beings have their inherent potential in achieving their individual success respectively. Provided that they grasp the right opportunity and do it now

In Rich Plan, we always believe that customer satisfaction and financial freedom is our top priority. We are ready to shares our dynamic financial ideas to help the customer to plan ahead and multiply their personal wealth in order to achieve the path of financial freedom. Besides that, we are also ready to make people life easier in order to serve our customer better without any boundary and boulder. By providing financial service via online, we hope to create more awareness on financial planning to the public and younger generation. For those who are prepared, we welcome you to our Rich Plan Families and together we shall all achieve our financial freedom. Just open up your heart in embracing a change in your mind will reborn you with a perpetual happiness in your life.

Muhammad Taufiq Gan Bin Abdullah
Managing Director